MINIPOD Minipod : Plateforme Baropodométrique

Podocapture App


The Podocapture app offers an innovative and intuitive solution for baropodometric examination, making it easier to interpret plantar pressure readings.

Designed to function seamlessly on Android tablets and smartphones, it can be downloaded for free from the Play Store.

Podocapture app provides a clear and concise visual representation of pressure distribution on the soles of the feet.

Healthcare professionals can quickly obtain precise information, including pressure peaks, average pressures, impulse zones, left/right and anterior/posterior weight distribution, and high-risk areas for diabetic foot conditions.

Thanks to its intuitive and user-friendly interface, Podometry becomes an educational tool that facilitates communication and patient care.

Communicating with prescribers or colleagues is a breeze, as Podocapture offers a one-click automatic report generation feature.

Reports can be printed using your wireless WIFI printer or easily transferred digitally via your preferred network: SMS, email, WhatsApp, Google Drive, etc.

Podocapture is the only application on the market to natively provide diabetic foot scoring (preemptive detection of ulceration risk levels).

If the risk is confirmed (scoring above 2), the application automatically highlights the areas that require offloading.

Individuals with grade 2 and 3 diabetes are particularly vulnerable to foot ulcers due to neuropathies and poor blood circulation.

Podocapture allows for the monitoring of diabetic feet and establishes a connection between plantar pressures and ulceration risk areas.