MINIPOD Minipod : Plateforme Baropodométrique

Minipod cable additional

30.00 TTC (TVA20%)

  • USB 2.0
  • Type A to type C
  • 3 meters

This Minipod cable has been specially designed to meet the medical certification requirements of the Minipod product.

The announcement holds significant importance as the Minipod’s Minipod-specific cable precisely meets the medical certification requirements. The Minipod is an innovative product that represents a significant advancement in the medical field.
Medical certification, far from being a mere administrative formality, carries profound meaning.
The Minipod truly embodies the essence of medical innovation and, as such, deserves a cable that lives up to its functionalities and potential. It’s precisely this requirement that led to the design of the specially tailored cable – a centerpiece engineered to ensure the Minipod operates with optimal precision while preserving patient safety and data integrity.
Furthermore, to conduct a comprehensive and holistic evaluation, an advanced baropodometry platform has been developed under the name Minipod.
In summary, Minipod is the baropodometric platform that perfectly exemplifies and embodies this philosophy of excellence. They eloquently demonstrate that the medical industry leaves absolutely nothing to chance when it comes to providing innovative solutions, all while safeguarding the health, well-being, and confidence of the patients.